We at Pedi Lounge & Nail Salon focus on your natural nail. We believe that a pedicure should be safe for everyone, so we have been using the Water-less technique since 2015.
We also don't offer acrylic nail services in our salon, instead we use soft gel full cover tips which has revolutionized the nail industry.



includes one color

We strive to bring the safest nail systems to our clients, while giving you the results you desire.
Full cover soft gel nail extensions are a full cover nail tip made with gel polymers and attached with gel for a 'glue-free" & "oder-free" service.



includes one color

Looking to freshen up your look? 
Enhance your natural nails with gel polish or strengthen your natural nails with a powder base under your gel polish enhancement. 
We don't use glue or glue products, so when you choose a dip powder service we use an actual "gel base". 
This allows for the enhancement to be soaked off and helps keep the service oder-free.


$25 to $55

includes one color

Focused on "health & wellness", Pedi Lounge offers a unique service called the Water-less Pedicure.
Using hot steaming towels, this technique helps facilitate a safer and more enjoyable pedicure while giving you the results you desire.
We offer our signature water-less pedicure for $35 which includes sugar scrub & creamy masque, while our more intensive "Foot Facial" pedicure includes
steam and a foot peel to help your feet over worked feet look amazing in sandals.



5430 Columbus Ave
Anderson, IN. 46013

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