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pedi lounge eco friendly nail salon, home of the water-less pedicure, foot facial, steam t


We aim to be an innovator in the nail community by giving our clients exactly what they ask for while providing exactly what they need. 

Memberships not only make things simple for you, but it gives you flexibility while affording you multiple looks through-out the month.

We think you're worth it!


The ultimate in self care starts with an amazing mani/pedi.

Now you can afford the best of luxuries every week without the luxury price. 

Indulge without the guilt, you're worth it!  

Tell me more...

You have two ways to enjoy your new membership package. You can pay your membership once a month in the salon or you can choose to have your account billed directly each month, The choice is always up to you and you can cancel any time after your first month is completed. 

And our regular menu pricing is always affordable for those who prefer a more traditional experience.

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